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GHEG thailand co., ltd.

Since 2023

We are Green House Energrow!

Green House Energrow Thailand Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Green House Brands and Energrow (Thailand) Company Limited.

Over 38 years of experience

GHEG Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between one of Thailand’s largest cannabis cultivation and processing facilities and some of the world’s most successful cannabis businesses, Green House Seed Co, Strain Hunters and GH Medical. Arjan Roskam, the founder of Green House Brands, has been active in the Global Cannabis Industry since 1985, bringing over 38 years of experience to the upcoming Cannabis Industry in Thailand.

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18000m² of Flowering Area

Green House Energrow is located in the North of Thailand and has over 100 hectares of land available for expanding its cannabis cultivation and processing facility. Currently the facility has 28 advanced polycarbonate green houses with a total flowering area of over 8000m² and over 10000m² of additional flowering areas indoors and in advanced climate controlled glass houses. The company has an in-house genetic development program that has access to one of the world’s largest cannabis seed & plant catalogues of the world famous Green House Seed Company.

We are the leaders in Cannabis Genetics

The entire breeding stock proprietary cannabis seed library of Green House Seed Company has been transferred and registered in Thailand through GHEG Thailand Co., ltd. It includes over 195 unique strains of cannabis ranging from commercial varieties with high levels of thc, cbd and cbg, as well as unqiue medical strains that contain the less common cannabinoids such as THCV.

World champions of growing cannabis...

The Green House Seed Co is the most awarded cannabis company in the world. It has won over 200 international cannabis awards including 42 High Times Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam during the 90’s. We create the strains that are featured in our catalog, such as Super Lemon Haze, Lemon Orange, White Widow, Hawaiian Snow, Super Silver Haze, and many more…

Genetic Development Program

We have selected our preferred mothers from an extensive ongoing pheno-hunt. Our breeding program is the most advanced in the industry and it allows us to create new varieties from our library of over 195 strains.