Green House Energrow offers a full range of services for producers of cannabis. From consulting to genetic development and licensing.

Tissue Culture & Virus + Viroid Free Plants

Our mother plants and genetics are frequently tested for viruses and viroids to eliminate the risk of crop failures. We also offer a testing service for various viral pathogens such as Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV), Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) and Hop Latent Viroid (HpVLD)

Motherplants and Cannabis clones

We offer a supply service of mother plants and clones from one, o more, from our registered varieties. Both clones and mother plants are cultivated and propagated in the indoor and outdoor space of the facility. Guaranteeing the highest quality and absence of pathogens.

Consultancy services

Green House Energrow offers a consultancy service for individuals and companies that are in need of information regarding the development of a cannabis cultivation facility, in accordance with GACP and GMP regulations. This includes:

-Advising on the writing and revision of the various “Standard Operating Procedures” (SOP)
-Reviewing the project design of the different areas within the facility.
-Managing the cultivation and harvest cycles.
-Post-harvesting process and packing process.
-Employees training.

Genetic licensing

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More about Green House Energrow

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The Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVD)

The Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVD) is a plant pathogen that can infect cannabis plants. Unlike viruses, it is a small RNA consisting of only 256 nucleotides and requires a host to survive (Warren et al., 2019). Infected plants may not exhibit symptoms, and the viroid can remain latent within the plant depending on various conditions. Thus, detecting HpLVD in a growing facility can be challenging without proper testing. Despite its simplicity and common latency, HpVLD can significantly affect cannabis cultivation and plant health, and therefore, it should be taken seriously by commercial cannabis growers.


Genetic Development Program

We have selected our preferred mothers from an extensive ongoing pheno-hunt. Our breeding program is the most advanced in the industry and it allows us to create new varieties from our library of over 195 strains.


We are the leaders in Cannabis Genetics

The entire breeding stock proprietary cannabis seed library of Green House Seed Company has been transferred and registered in Thailand through GHEG Thailand Co., ltd. It includes over 195 unique strains of cannabis ranging from commercial varieties with high levels of THC, CBD and CBG, as well as unqiue medical strains that contain the less common cannabinoids such as THCV.

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